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Managed Security and Compliance for Microsoft 365

At PlexHosted, our Managed Security and Compliance Services are designed to transform your Microsoft 365 Cloud experience by directly addressing key pain points in cybersecurity.

Regulatory Compliance & Staff Training

Empowering Your Organization with Seamless Regulatory Compliance and Expert-led Staff Training for Unmatched Audit Preparedness.

Effortless Compliance Assurance

Achieve and exceed regulatory requirements with ease. Our experts take charge of Cloud Workloads Security Compliance and Devices Security Compliance, alongside personalized Product Use and Security Awareness Training.

Streamlined Audit Preparation

Our Certification Preparation, Consulting, and Support services are tailored to make your organization audit-ready, ensuring continuous compliance.

Data Privacy and Security

Elevating Data Security in Microsoft 365 with Advanced Integration and Cutting-edge Threat Prevention, Transforming Potential Disasters into Manageable Events.

Comprehensive Security Integration

Secure your corporate data within the Microsoft 365 environment using advanced data classification, governance, and protection measures, including DLP policies, sensitivity labels, and email encryption.

Advanced Threat Prevention and Response

With our state-of-the-art Threat Prevention, Detection & Response capabilities, we equip you with Cyber Threat Intelligence and robust incident response mechanisms, turning potential disasters into manageable events.

Risk Management

Empower Your IT Environment with Proactive Information Security, Strategic Risk Management, and Robust Contingency Planning for Unmatched Resilience and Business Continuity in the Microsoft 365 Cloud.

Proactive Information Security Management

We proactively safeguard your information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability, managing risks and elevating the security posture of your IT environment.

Strategic Risk Management Approach

Utilize our Security Categorization, Annual Risk Assessments, and Vulnerability Scanning services to transform risk management into a strategic asset, fortifying your Microsoft 365 Cloud against vulnerabilities.

Robust Contingency and Recovery Planning

Our comprehensive Contingency Management ensures resilience and business continuity with detailed planning, testing, alternate storage sites, and effective backup and recovery strategies.

Secure Your Cloud IT Infrastructure Today

Partner with PlexHosted and redefine your cybersecurity strategy. We ensure your Microsoft 365 Cloud is not just secure, but a stronghold of regulatory compliance, risk resilience, and proactive protection.

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