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Secure Microsoft 365 Cloud Workloads

Managed service for companies who'd like to improve their overall security posture for their Microsoft 365 cloud operational environment, have an IT support and threat protection, detection and response.

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Managed Microsoft 365 Cloud Workloads

Our service is tailored to meet the needs of companies that want to improve their overall security posture in the cloud. This includes providing comprehensive IT support, threat protection, detection, and response. We work closely with your organization to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in your cloud environment, and then develop and implement a customized security plan to address them.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in managing and securing Microsoft 365 cloud workloads. We use best practices and advanced security technologies to help you stay ahead of emerging threats and mitigate potential risks.

With our managed IT and security service, you can be confident that your organization's critical data and systems are protected from cyber threats. We provide ongoing monitoring and support, and our help desk is always available to assist with any IT or security-related issues.

In summary, our managed IT and security service for Microsoft 365 cloud workloads is a comprehensive solution designed to improve your organization's security posture in the cloud. By partnering with us, you can focus on running your business while we handle the complexities of managing and securing your cloud environment.

Included Services

Consulting and adoption

  • IT Consulting services for Microsoft cloud technologies

  • Break-fix support for managed cloud services

Migration and setup

  • Migration of DNS, identity, email, files and telephony

  • Microsoft 365 workloads enablement

  • Microsoft Intune enablement

Secure identity and Microsoft cloud services

  • SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup

  • Enable Microsoft 365 workloads security policies

  • Multi-factor authentication enforcement and Conditional access setup

  • Enable Unified Audit Log, Alert Policies and deploy Report Message Add-in

  • Defender for Office 365 enablement

Secure Your Cloud IT Infrastructure Today

Connect with our expert consultant to discover the comprehensive range of IT infrastructure security solutions offered by PlexHosted, tailored to safeguard your business with utmost proficiency.

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