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Timothy Smith Network

Alessandra Brown

Timothy Smith Network

Since transitioning to Microsoft 365 Managed Security Service with PlexHosted, our organization has witnessed significant improvements in our operations. The most substantial benefit we've received is having a dedicated team available to assist us in efficiently organizing and tracking our students' devices using Intune. With a small team of fewer than 10 employees, PlexHosted's support is absolutely critical to our programmatic operations.

What distinguishes PlexHosted from other IT firms we've worked with in the past is the streamlined and responsive relationship we maintain with them. We can rely on PlexHosted to promptly address any issues, updates, changes, or enhancements to our infrastructure. This level of attentiveness has been a game-changer for us, helping us avoid the frustrations we've encountered with other IT firms in the past.

For anyone uncertain about choosing an IT firm, I would inquire about the reasons for their hesitation and then share our experience. Our relationship with PlexHosted has been incredibly smooth and hassle-free. Their commitment to our needs and their prompt communication make them the top choice for any organization seeking reliable IT support. We highly recommend PlexHosted as a Microsoft 365 Managed Service Provider.

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