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Hebrew College

Jim Kenn

Hebrew College

1. Streamlined IT Operations

The most significant benefit we've experienced is liberation from the hardware business. PlexHosted's management of server hardware has substantially lightened my workload. With Office 365 (O365) and its high-availability services, I no longer need to troubleshoot mail queues or fret about power outages. The reliability and resilience of cloud-based services have been game-changing.

PlexHosted has eliminated the necessity for us to maintain VPN licenses and remote access to user PCs. Cloud applications provide access from anywhere, and O365's integration with OneDrive has simplified data backup and recovery. Hardware failures are no longer a source of panic; typically, we can have users back up and running within 24 hours. Our data is consistently available, thanks to PlexHosted's expert management.

Concerns about data security and offsite backups have evaporated. Our migration to the cloud automatically stores our data offsite, assuring coverage of this critical aspect.

2. Hands-On Expertise

What sets PlexHosted apart from other IT firms we've worked with in the past is their hands-on approach. When we initiate new projects, PlexHosted invests the time to meet with us, discuss our needs, and formulate a comprehensive plan. I have found that many vendors who make too many assumptions and leave you grappling to align their solutions with your existing infrastructure, whereas PlexHosted actively engages, asks questions, provides guidance, and maintains ongoing communication. They ensure there's no gap between what they offer and how it integrates into our infrastructure.

3. A Transparent and Supportive Partner

To anyone on the fence about choosing PlexHosted as their IT firm, I would say this: I understand your hesitation. PlexHosted came highly recommended by Microsoft, which piqued my interest. What initially seemed too good to be true turned out to be exactly as promised. We received a white-glove experience that is rarely seen in the industry.

When we transitioned to the cloud with our previous vendor, we were given an overview of what we had but the learning curve was still quite steep for us. We wished more was explained to us. In contrast, PlexHosted is transparent about their approach and details every step of the process. They ensure we understand how things work so that we are equipped to handle the new infrastructure independently. PlexHosted's "can do" attitude and emphasis on communication have made every issue easier to manage. I highly recommend PlexHosted for their exceptional service and support.

In summary, PlexHosted has revolutionized our IT operations, offering unmatched support, transparency, and expertise. Their commitment to our success has made them an indispensable partner, and I wholeheartedly endorse their services.

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