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Antonella Commiato

Extend Resources

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with the services provided by PlexHosted as our Managed Security Service Provider.

The most significant benefit we have experienced since partnering with PlexHosted is the profound peace of mind they provide. Their team's continuous monitoring of our security and threat exposure scores, combined with their swift adjustments as necessary, has proven to be invaluable. Knowing that our security is under constant vigilance instills a level of confidence that is genuinely reassuring.

PlexHosted's reliability and accessibility are truly exceptional. They have demonstrated themselves to be a trustworthy partner, always available to promptly address our needs. What truly distinguishes them is their willingness to go the extra mile, extending their support beyond the scope of the managed service. Their dedication to our success, even in areas not directly related to their core services, is highly appreciated.

Having collaborated with several Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in the past, I can confidently assert that my experience with the PlexHosted team has been unrivaled. Their knowledge, expertise, and eagerness to assist are truly commendable. It is evident that they are not merely service providers but genuine partners deeply committed to our company's security and prosperity.

In summary, PlexHosted's managed security services have exceeded our expectations. Their proactive approach, unwavering reliability, and extensive expertise set them apart in the industry. We are thrilled with our decision to collaborate with PlexHosted and eagerly anticipate a continued partnership.

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