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  • Hanna Korotka

Three Key Advantages of Cloud-Based Device Management

In an era of rapidly evolving technology and an increasingly mobile and decentralized workplace, managing and securing devices is paramount for businesses. Cloud-based device management has emerged as a critical tool for organizations aiming to navigate this new landscape efficiently. Microsoft Intune, a leader in this area, offers a comprehensive solution for device management that aligns with modern business needs.

Enhanced Security in a Mobile-First World

In today's mobile-first environment, the challenge of securing devices against various threats has intensified. Microsoft Intune offers robust security features to protect devices both inside and outside the traditional office perimeter. Features such as conditional access, compliance policies, and remote data wiping from lost or stolen devices ensure the security of sensitive corporate data, no matter where employees work.

Streamlined Device Management and Deployment

The shift to remote work necessitates a more flexible approach to device management. Microsoft Intune enables remote deployment and management of devices, simplifying the onboarding of new employees and automated software updates to ensure that devices are always up-to-date without physical access. This cloud-based approach not only saves time but also reduces the costs associated with traditional device management methods. In fact, Microsoft has observed a threefold increase in Windows devices managed in the cloud over an 18-month period, highlighting the growing preference for cloud-based solutions​​.

Seamless Integration with the Microsoft Cloud Environment

Microsoft Intune is notable for its seamless integration with the broader Microsoft 365 ecosystem and compatibility with various platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. This integration ensures a cohesive management experience across all devices, boosting productivity and collaboration. Additionally, Intune's compatibility with diverse platforms allows organizations to maintain a varied device platform without compromising management efficiency or security.

As businesses evolve to keep pace with the changing technological landscape, efficient, secure, and flexible device management is increasingly vital. Implementing Microsoft Intune now prepares organizations to face these challenges, providing enhanced security, streamlined management, and seamless integration. The future of work is upon us, and Intune ensures your organization is ready for it.

To help you to have peace of mind knowing your business is secure, click here to schedule a Microsoft 365 Secure Score review with our experts today. We'll evaluate your current cybersecurity measures, identify potential vulnerabilities, and help you implement a strategic security plan to keep your company safe.

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